Spa Angelique - A breakthrough in Anti-Aging Natural Actives
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Anti aging , face-lift in a jar
Price: $39.95
Pretty in Pink 2 in 1 Vitamin C creamy serum
Whipped Creamy Vitamins with Anti-Oxidants beautiful velvet need for a moisturizer...add spf during the day
Price: $39.95
3 European Facials
Neck and shoulder massage extraction 30.00 valued at 180.00
Price: $150.00
3 Specialty Facials
Save 20.00>valued at 215.00
Price: $185.00
3 Chemical Peels
remove dead cells hovering the top layers of the Skin....great for reducing blackheads..wrinkles and age spots
Price: $120.00
One Chemical Peel Medium Strength
TCA..15...valued at 90.00 including neck and chest
Price: $50.00